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Dr. Garret Breakiron,  ​Certified Sports Chiropractor
Dr.  ​​​ Kurt Sturdevant,  DC
Dr. Gregory Hogan, Certified Sports Chiropractor

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  1. "I have worked with Dr. Breakiron for the past 20 years referring hundreds on patients to one another. I feel he is one of the best chiropractors in the nation and often refer many complex cases to him, whether they are structural, disk related or muscular injuries." Julian E. Bailes, MD, is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and Co- Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute.
    Dr. Julian Bailes,
  2. "Dr. Breakiron is the master of non-surgical care. His hands on approach succeed for even the most challenging cases of acute & chronic pain. I trust him with the care of my family." Dr. Jory Richman, an orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area
    Dr. Jory Richman,
  3. Dave Mann 9 months ago Dr.Breakiron is amazing. I had a back condition L4L5. I had a microdiscectomy and the surgery went great. Dr.Bailes did the surgery. I was experiencing problems after surgery and Dr.Bailes sent me to see Dr.Breakiron. It was nothing less than great. Uniontown Chiropractic and their staff go above and beyond. This was almost 13 yrs ago. Dr. ​Breakiron is a class act.
    Dave Mann - source (youtube)
  4. "Chronic pain and debilitating back symptoms became so severe it threatened my professional career. After unsuccessful trials with three former chiropractors over the course of 9 months and 6 grand later my pain was increasing without surgical care. My experience with Dr. Breakiron & his staff was revolutionary, within 10 days of treatment my back was functional stable and pain-free. " Dr. Joseph Chomiak, Jr., D.D.S
    Dr. Joseph Chomiak, Jr
  5. "I have known Dr. Breakiron personally and professionally for about 20 years I truly consider him to be an outstanding chiropractor and have worked together with him on the rehabilitation of many sports injuries and surgeries. I commonly refer difficult cases to him and trust him to do a ​thorough and accurate evaluation and precise treatment. I have not been disappointed I would trust him with my own neck. I believe he has an exceptional understanding of rehabilitation principles in both athletes and others with muscular skeletal injuries. He commonly discusses with me new treatment and the latest technologies in his enthusiastic search for something better for his patients. In addition to his patient skills, he treats patients with kindness and empathy and has been a great supporter athletics in his community." William R. Post MD Mountaineer orthopedic specialist, Morgantown W
    Dr. William R. Post
  6. ​ "Dr. Breakiron and Dr.Hogan Has helped me deliver comprehensive spine care to my Uniontown neurosurgical practice. I know that when I send him a patient, they are getting a commonsense patient-oriented chiropractor. He and his entire team are a pleasure to work with." Dr. Pedro Aguilar Neurosurgeon Jefferson Memorial Hospital
    Dr. Pedro Aguilar
  7. "I have shared a number of patients with Dr. Sturdevant over the past several years, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism, thoroughness and personal attention that he provides to those that come under his care. He is an extremely thoughtful, caring and intelligent doctor. His patients benefit immensely from his expertise. I have only the highest regard for him." Dr.Daniel Wecht MD,MSc, FACS clinical professor department of neurosurgery – UPMC
    Dr.Daniel Wecht